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Finding the Mortgage Agent for You

Finding the Mortgage Agent for You

  • Feb 16, 2017

While applying for a mortgage the need of the best mortgage agent is a necessity. If you're new to mortgages, you need someone who not only guides you but helps you find the best option for you. Your agent should be more of a friend who opts for open and free communication rather than just strict business talk. This is why Sean Landreth will be present for you as a friend and advisor throughout the whole process. 

Sean will be willing to work for you and offer you comforting advice. Other than that, instead of just forcing you to accept given rates, Sean will help you find the best, lowest and most flexible rates available. Sean opts for open communication to discuss all possibilities in your mortgage. Whether it is a property investment mortgage, buying a new home, refinancing an existing mortgage or a home equity loan, Sean will guide you through the whole process making it stress-free.

When finding the right agent for yourself, you also need to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, conduct research yourself regarding the kind of mortgage you want to choose. This should be done especially if you are new to mortgages. After your research, you know more about mortgages and can discuss it openly with your agent. Secondly, don't forget to have some open and free advice and communication with an agent. Sean encourages anyone to seek out free advice and consultaion that will make you more aware about the process and possibilities. If you are uncomfortable talking over a phone call, Sean can conduct meetings at your house, a coffee shop, your golf club, restaurant, skype or our office. BlueMountainMortgages.com will be more than happy to attend to you where you are most comfortable.

Agents of Mortgage Architects have the qualities of being transparent in their work. Whatever paperwork they conduct is disclosed to you fully. All terms are explained to you. Every part of the contract will be discussed by the agent, and if you want any changes, the agent will also help you out with that. You don't need to step out of your comfort to meet the agent because the agent will come to you. The meeting times are flexible, and your needs are always given a priority with us.

Providing you with one of the best mortgage consultations, Sean takes great pride in ensuring you are aware and comfortable throughout the whole process. Sean does not want you to accept whatever rates are presented but he wants you to choose the best and the most flexible ones for your situation. Sean's relationship with Mortgage Architects means a strong relationship with the banks across the country and 50 of the top lenders in Canada as well. With such achievement, all mortgages provided to you will be safe and guaranteed.

Sean Landreth and Mortgage Architects want you to have your home and enjoy the comfort of life. Our mortgage options are unlimited along with our rates. Never hesitate to ask Sean questions and work around with mortgage options to work in your interest. We have the best in store for you!

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